Introducing Your Very Own EP Experience!

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re having a great week! (:

As an effort to make the blog more interactive and lively, I’d love to give all of my readers an opportunity to be a part of the blog!

Hence the idea of creating a section of the blog where you can share your experiences with Portuguese learning and Portuguese culture; you could write blog entries about your language learning progress, a certain aspect of Portuguese culture/language you find interesting or about a recent or not so recent trip to Portugal you might want to share with everyone: as long as you write it respectfully (even criticism), my only job will be to proofread and host your stories. If you have your own WordPress account, I can add you as featured writers on the blog! (:

Feel free to contact me using the blog’s email ( to see how we can make this happen!

Have a nice weekend, and good luck with your studies!


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